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Note: this was written many years ago; I might need to update some of the information. When I have time...

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you find the Filipinas to include on your Web site? How do you screen them? Can you give me a general profile of what they are like (i.e. from a city, or rural area? Poor, or economically well-off? Level of education?) Do you charge them money to post their pictures/info on the web?

We have two kinds of forms on the Web site for them to fill out: (1) a form they can print, fill out by hand, and mail in; and (2) a form which they can fill out on-line and submit via the InterNet.
Many of them go to a "cyber-cafe" to fill out the forms. Some people who have access to the InterNet print out the forms and give them to their friends, who mail them in.
We do not screen them at all. That must be done by exchanges of letters by the men who write to them. The girls are from all areas... often girls from rural areas who have come to a city for low-wage employment. It is common for them to have some college, or even a degree, and still be unable to find work in their field. A huge number are working as clerks and salesladies in department stores. We do not charge the girls for this service.

What percentage of your male customers end up marrying a Filipina whom you introduced to them? Are there more male customers, or more Filipinas looking for foreign husbands? Would you happen to know if the marriages where the couple has met through your service are generally happy?

I am aware of several marriages. They don't always bother to tell me when they get married... I sometimes find out only after someone writes to one and is told she is no longer in the market (at which time I remove her promptly, and give the man his choice of a free address). At the time I am writing this, I have over 1300 Filipinas, and fewer than 500 customers (each of whom usually writes to several prospective brides). There are a LOT of Americans marrying Filipinas each year, having met by other means. These marriages have an exceptionally low divorce rate, and the ones whom I know personally are (mostly) very happy. Remember, half of all American marriages end in Divorce. The other half end in Death. Divorce is worse.

Are there any restrictions on mail-order bride services by either the American or Philippine government that you know of?

The service itself is not restricted by the American government, although they are real picky about getting your bride into the States.... they won't give a visa to a bride under the age of sixteen, and even the older ones take five months to get the visa. Pain in the ass, and no reason for it, they could just get off their butts and do the stinkin paperwork, but noooo, they let it pile up.

The Philippine government is far worse. They are definitely working against the interests of their own people. These girls want and need to leave that country. But anyone who helps them to find a foreign husband can be imprisoned for six to eight years. So I work only in the U.S.
One used to be able to advertise for a wife in the Philippine newspapers. Then the politicians became embarrassed by the fact that things had gotten so bad that everyone wanted to leave. So, rather than freeing markets so that the economy could return to its pre-Marcos level (the richest country in SouthEast Asia), they simply in effect fenced in the fleeing population.
Remember Berlin: to see which political system works best, look at which country tries to keep people in, and which one tries to keep people out.

The crummy Philippine Government claims to believe that a bureaucrat knows what is best for a Filipina, more than she herself knows what is in her interest.

What made you decide to put up this mail-order bride service? Are you familiar with the Philippines?

I met my latest wife through such a service, so I know that there is a great need for this work. A large portion of the human misery in modern America is due to the fact that, at this time, women and men perceive their needs quite differently. Even without judging one to be right and the other to be wrong, the simple existence of such a gap makes this service necessary.


An accurate, truthful portrayal, if she wanted to be portrayed, sure, why not?


Umm... isn't it more like simply giving information, like names and addresses and telephone numbers?


I have done so: I have married one myself, and I sleep every night with her.
This marriage has made her very happy, and it has made me very happy. I only wish all good people could have the opportunity we have been given. Not you of course.

What sort of men subscribe to your service? Why do they subscribe to your service?

To this I do not have the answer.
I imagine they don't want to live alone.

In general, what is so problematic about "Western women" that the men would prefer someone outside their own culture?

Western women do not appreciate men. They do not value traditional family life. A recent study of Americans found that most married men are much happier than unmarried men... but the opposite is true for women. The goals of modern women are not sufficiently met by marriage. Marriage is not the right thing for them to do. It is not good for them. Men must learn not to try to make these women do what they do not like. I am helping Modern Western Women to avoid what they despise.

Would you please give me a brief description of your perception of intermarriage, in particular, interracial marriages?

Well, I don't really have any particular perception of interracial marriages. I would be perfectly happy to live in a color-blind society. I am a Libertarian, which means among other things that I view most matters from the viewpoint of INDIVIDUALS and see no reason to deal with people as members of a group. This is why, for example, I oppose Affirmative Action and so many other Liberal travesties which force us to enter our ethnicity on employment forms, birth certificates, etc. It used to be the bigots who forced this kind of thing, for different reasons. Either way, it is wrong and is none of the Government's business.

I do, however, have a perception of American women, in general, as opposed to Filipina women, in general. Especially in regard to suitability for marriage. It is less common to find an American woman who is interested in having a permanent marriage and family including a Husband. One easy way to see this is to look at ANY (U.S.) publication containing "personals" ads. The women want someone who looks a certain way, and who has certain "social skills" such as dancing or clever conversation, someone who is interesting and exciting and seductive. Now go to my Web page and look at what the girls say they want. It's all pretty simple, really. Over and over they state that they are happy to settle down FOREVER with a MAN who is willing to try to hold down a steady job and be a loving and understanding husband and father. This will get you exactly NOWHERE with an American girl !!!!!

I married through a mail-order service a few years ago and, like a lot of people who marry this way, always thought it was a great idea and considered setting up the same kind of business. There seems to be a near-perfect match between the Western men, who are unappreciated and get no respect in their own countries, and the Filipinas, who would be happy to find someone who simply does his job and hopes to come home to a pleasant family life after work. Most Western women do not want such a boring husband.
I have this view on excellent authority, aside from personal experience and observation. In my search for a wife, I tried going to a Video Dating service. The owner was shocked when I told him that I only wanted to get married, that I was not interested in "dating." He told me, YOU CAN'T TELL THEM THAT! I said that it seemed to be what used to be called "honorable intentions," but he told me that it was just considered a weird attitude by (Western) women. He was the expert, so I am sure he was correct.
This was over a dozen years ago, and since AIDS has come along marriage is considered a bit more respectable these days, but it still isn't actively sought.

I became friendly with the owner of the Video Dating service during these discussions, and he hired me to program his tracking and matching functions. I was able to see every aspect of the business, and I realized that there really was not a chance that someone like me could ever find a decent wife in the modern "dating" market, given what the women were looking for and what I was looking for.

So when the World-Wide Web came along, I saw that it was a perfect venue for this kind of business. The paper catalogs were so expensive that the quality was usually very poor; but on the Web you can publish high-resolution full-color photos which can be browsed by everyone in the WORLD.

The business started with friends and relatives of my wife asking for help in finding husbands for their own friends and relatives. Two weeks after I started working on it, the younger sister of one of my former penpals wrote with a tearful letter begging me to do what I could to find a husband for her. So I decided I was definitely on the right track. I had not heard from her sister for six years, in fact I could not remember writing to her until I checked my files, but she had kept my letters all this time.

Girls used to pass around forms and submit their bio-data for our Catalogs. Now we have forms on the Web site for the girls to fill out, so we usually receive the information directly from a girl wishing to marry.

Unfortunately, I will never be able to run this business correctly, which would involve my going there to set up an office, etc. This is made impossible by the repressive Philippine Government, which is thwarting the wishes of, and working against, its own people by outlawing these services.

I had heard (where I do not remember) that many foreign women espouse the more traditional beliefs that used to hold true in this country.

It is true in some countries... less and less, but still true in the Philippines, which is one of the few countries left in the World where there is still no divorce, so the girls don't grow up seeing divorced people or thinking of it as an option.

I have been accused of being "too old fashioned," wanting to live the "Leave It To Beaver" life of Ward and June Cleaver of the 50's, etc., etc. I have just been wanting to know, what is so terribly wrong about that???

Nothing at all. Oh, I do agree with the feminists (not the extreme ones, the ones I call Feministas, nor the militant ones, whom someone else has named Feminazis) who say that family life is not necessarily the only or best road to fulfillment for all women. (I am aware that I am considered an anti-Feminist, but I am not a Misogynist; I was in tears when I saw how the Taliban in Afghanistan are treating women. I am all for Equal Treatment for men and women; but the Feministas insist on better-than-equal. Women comprise the only "Minority" in the world which outnumbers the "Majority." They already control most of the money in the U.S.... and ALL of the pussy. And when was the last time you got custody of a kid? I did it, but it was FAR harder than it ought to have been; I had to prove a lot more in my favor than a Woman would have.)
If my daughter wanted to be like Modern American Women, I would have no objection. I think many of them are splendid, honorable people, and I am pleased to have them as my friends. I just can't imagine why anyone would MARRY one.

Part of your FAQ section seemed to have been torn from the very pages of my life. This was me and my second wife all over, almost as if you knew me very personally when you wrote this. Don't get me wrong, I love that woman very much, even as I write this, I expect I will be talking to her this evening. I want to get back together with her, but the very fact that I was visiting your web site probably shows that I know deep down inside that this is not ever really going to happen. And perhaps it should not, just as you said, "Men must learn not to try to make these women do what they do not like", which is the mistake I made in marrying her in the first place. It was not what she wanted then, nor do I truly believe it is what she wants now. She does not want to be lonely (who does?), yet she always manages to keep me at arms length, close enough to keep me thinking things might change, but far enough away to keep me totally frustrated and unhappy. Why do I keep punishing myself?, I may never know...

From this day forward, remember that you are no longer in a "seller's market," powerless to choose. You now have the ability to select from hundreds of suitable women. That does not mean that the Philippines is the place where you will eventually find the best wife, but you can now speak to women from a position of strength. I was amazed at the change in my outlook when I first realized that I was no longer pussy-whipped. It was an epiphany reminiscent of the raw-potato scene in Gone With the Wind: "AS GOD IS MY WITNESS, I WILL NEVER BE LONELY AGAIN!"
You may well find that you can now negotiate a favorable reunion with your second wife... but get a written post-nuptial agreement, American wives are notorious for dishonoring contracts. They have no intention to live up to a solemn agreement, as soon as it seems inconvenient they bail out... and the legal system in the U.S. lets them do it! Encourages them to do it! They get lots of money for breaking their vows. And custody of the kids, usually. It's funny: if you are too poor to support your kids, you are unfit and she gets the kids. On the other hand, if she is the one who is too lazy to work, she can show that you are busy at work every day and therefore unable to care for the kids, so she still gets custody and you have to pay her child support !! It's a testicle tax, of course.

You're right, western women really don't appreciate a decent, honest, sincere, educated, loving, hard working, not terribly bad looking man who just wants a loving wife that will look forward to him coming home from a hard day at work, maybe cook a decent meal for him sometimes, take care of the kids (at least until they are old enough to start school full-time, then she can work at a job if she really wants to, but it is not necessary), and yes, I am 42 but I would like to have a child before I am too old to appreciate the whole experience.

I was 46 when I went to the Philippines... I married a 20-year-old and have since had 2 more kids. For me at least, kids become more fun the older you get. It's sorta like having grandkids... except that you can't deliver them back to their parents when you get tired.
My five-year-old is the most hilarious kid I have ever met. One of the funniest people I have ever met, of any age. Not a day goes by that I don't laugh out loud at something he does or says.

What might it be like to find a truly loving/dedicated (please God, I cannot stand to be dumped again for no truly valid reasons) woman who wants to raise a family, and be loved and protected and cared for by her man, I hope I can find out before it is too late...

It is truly terrifying to be dumped when you have done nothing wrong. If you are dumped because you behaved badly, it can be pretty humiliating, but at least you can say Well, I screwed up, I better not make that mistake again, now I know how to do it right.
But when you are dumped for no good reason (see War of the Roses) you realize that, no matter how hard you try, it can easily happen again and there's not a damn thing you can do to prevent it!

Are Filipina women dedicated to marriage??? I do not think I could survive a third failure, financially or otherwise.

Most of them are. There are notable exceptions, but not many. The point is, there are a lot who are dedicated to marriage, and you can easily find one of those who wants to marry YOU. The question is not, are Filipinas better than American women; the important thing is that the ones who are available to YOU are far better than the American women who are available to you.

I thought I read something about saving a bullet in your FAQ somewhere, if I fail a third time, perhaps someone will lend that bullet to me, just don't expect it to be returned :o). It would just be too much, so I have to be really sure this time. To say that I am "gun shy" at this point, would probably be an understatement in the extreme. But I am also not fond of being alone so much, sometimes it seems preferable, but most of the time, it just stinks. I do not want to grow old and alone, I need someone to share with, someone to walk through life with, someone who will love me as much as I love her. I need someone who will not get bored with me and dump me just because I am not perfect, someone who will work at it with me, who will be patient with me, I am not perfect by a long shot, but I will not give up so easily either.

You have been trodden underfoot for too long. It will change soon; just remember that you now have choices. The women you have dealt with up until now have known that you had nowhere else to go. Now you do. You will find that there is no longer any need to be angry with them any more, either: they are no longer a threat to you, they are no longer foes who have the only key to the treasure which you must have to live, they are now only people. Ignore them or speak to them, it's up to you, there is nothing you really need from them.
Have you ever run into one of those people who, when you are bitten by their dog, respond with "Oh, you must have shown fear, that makes her attack."? Does the phrase "blaming the victim" come to mind? Well, there are women in America who will reject you if you seem to need love. They have the attitude that they are going to give it up only to those fine strong men who don't need it. Now think about this: how many men do you know who would kick a woman out of bed because she seemed to need them? Are men inherently that much more compassionate than women? Or is it only in America that there is such a difference between men and women?
American women can smell fear, and they despise you for it. Don't play their silly games, take your marbles and go elsewhere.

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Hello, I have several nieces (attractive) living in the Philippines, who are interested in coming to the U.S.A. and meeting a suitable lifemate. Would you please E-mail me information on how to have them listed with your service. Thanks.

Simple - just send their vital data (name, address, phone, date of birth, etc.) to our E-Mail address, or to:

P.O. Box 1621
Brandon, FL 33509-1621

You can also see and print out forms for them to fill out, or even fill out a form right on the Web:

Photographs are a big help too:
UpLoad my Photograph

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I have found the quality of your service generally quite good compared to some of the other organizations that operate in your industry. I do however have a major complaint about what I believe is misrepresentation on your part in one case. The address of the above lady Mary Ann is one that I ordered from your organization. She was, and still is described on your web site as being 5'4" in height. This is one of the reasons I wrote to her. Being at least this height is important to me (I am a tall man). Since July I have corresponded with Mary Ann and have recently discovered that she is in fact only 5'2". I am most disappointed that you have made this misrepresentation, especially for her sake. She must feel disappointed that I wrote to her on the basis of incorrect information. I also am hesitant now about trusting your organization. Can I purchase further addresses from you in the future with faith that the details about the ladies are correct?

We are quite meticulous in entering the data, as best we can, exactly as the girls submit it to us. A review of Mary Ann's original form shows that she herself claimed that she was 5'4" tall. However, we will immediately revise the database according to the information you have provided, which seems to be legitimate.
(The metric system is widespread but not universal in the Philippines. Like language, time sequence, and grammatical gender, there is an eclectic, cavalier (slipshod?) approach to it, and unfortunately the girls sometimes make an attempt to convert their height and weight according to their own designs. I have occasionally received forms with implausible data, which I have had to guesstimate.)

I recommend you take the following corrective action:
1. Correct the information on your web site so Mary is represented as being her actual height of 5'2".

Yep - done.

2. Send Mary a letter of apology.

This is not in order, since she is the one who seems to have made the error. I do appreciate the fact that, although you are concerned about your own inconvenience, you also recognize that it has caused her some inconvenience too. In any case, although no one can judge another's tastes, I would suggest being open to unforeseen experiences. For example, I wrote to my present wife, at first, based upon what I considered a very attractive quality: she weighed 90 pounds. It turned out that her sister was the one who had submitted her bio-data to the service, and her weight had increased by the time I was writing to her. She was over 105 pounds when we got married, and since our baby was born she now weighs no telling how much, but what the hell, I'm already in love with her, and it doesn't seem all that important any more.
"Your Mileage May Vary."

3. Compensate me for the trouble I have been through by forwarding the address of another young lady I may wish to write to.
The lady on your files I would be interested in writing to is: ID #XXXX (18) 5'5" , 165cm

Sounds fair; your chosen replacement address is enclosed: ....

1. A number of women state that they are looking for American husbands. Being Canadian I'm pretty much as western as you guys down south, speak, look, dress the same, etc. Hard to distinguish except for cleaner air and we say eh a lot; Any idea what those in the Philippines think about Canada? (Or are we left out as too cold, too north, or too empty <sigh>)

They would consider Canada about the same as U.S., except that the cold might bother them. They mention U.S. because they have heard about it. A couple of them have said they want an American or a Californian. Guess some people aren't sure that California is part of the U.S. (Even some people who live here....)

2. I seem to be an awkward age. I'm 27 years old and was hoping to find someone 23-27 years old. I found virtually no one in that category who was looking for anyone under 30. AARRRGGGGHHH!!! Sure, there are some really cute 17-22 year olds out there, but there's just something about girls that young that offends my Western sensibilities. Something about being a University educated professional writing to someone who isn't even through high school :-(

Well, it would be a better match than the guys (like me) who want to marry a young one and then hope she will remain young.... It is common for a Filipina to expect to marry an older person. A lot of them still have the traditional respect for old people. I think sometimes they list older ages to increase their prospects, although they would be happy to find a young man too, if he were responsible and mature.

3. I noticed a LOT of women looking for Catholic friends. How bad is the Protestant/Catholic split in the Philippines? In Canada (at least where I am) a Christian is a Christian. I've been Protestant for a very long time now and a devout Christian and have a great respect for the Catholic faith. I just don't hold religiously to all the pomp and circumstance of that denomination. Around here there is no animosity between the denominations (my pastor hangs out with the local Catholic priest all the time). Is there similar goodwill with the Philippine Catholics or are they more, hmm, denominational (sorry, couldn't find a better phrase).

There is absolutely no ill will among the factions, that I can see. I have been married to four Catholic wives (during separate epochs), and I was struck by their lack of interest in sending non-Catholics to Hell... it's not like the Fundamentalists here.

I am committed to marrying an oriental woman. My main concern is that I have read that it can take over 2 years to get permission from the Philippine government to have your fiance/wife join you in the U.S.

Not true. Not even close. The Philippine Government has no say in the matter, aside from issuing her passport, which is routine (or as routine as anything gets in a laidback corrupt country). What takes time is getting a visa from the U.S. Government, because it is the U.S. that is worried about their coming here and causing problems. After you send in the petition for visa, it takes about 5 months. And for some reason, the fiance visa seems to take a little less time than the spouse visa.

Have a question. On some other Mail Order Bride sites dealing with the Philippines, they give female to male ratios of 8 to 1. Another says the country has 70% female population. What's your take on this?

Claiming an 8 to 1 ratio might get the customers' hopes up, but it is just bizarre. No way. Even 70% female would mean over 2 to 1 female to male (70 to 30)... this COULD happen to a country devastated by a testosterone-driven war, or by skewed emigration, but emigration is about even, gender-wise. So is the rate of foreign workers. And they haven't had a war since they helped out the U.S. in WWII (the big one). In fact, even when they needed a revolution, they managed the first bloodless revolution in history, to get rid of Marcos. (I have seen the slightly earlier Haiti revolution against BabyDoc called "bloodless," but I consider a flaming-tire "necklace" pretty violent.)
The true ratio, of course, is the same as everywhere else: about 1 to 1. The percentage of the female population which is suitable for marriage, however, is far higher than in the U.S., since so many U.S. women feel that they have no use for men.

"... they don't need you, and man they expect the same."
---- Tom Thumb's Blues

I do have one question, I am interested in finding a girl under twenty years old for marriage, 16 would be nice, is there any extra difficulty in getting a 16 year old bride into the USA? I am 37.

No, a bride 16 or over is just fine with the U.S. Government (last time we checked the INS regulations). Under 16 will not be possible; if you marry someone younger than 16 outside the U.S., you will have to wait until she is 16 before you may petition to bring her in as a spouse. Of course, there are student and tourist visas, but I don't think they will let her in on such a visa if she is married to an American, since they will assume that she is really intending to immigrate. So if you run into someone very young there, the best thing is NOT to marry her until you can get her a student or tourist or other kind of visa, and THEN marry her, in the U.S. There are lots of states that allow very young marriages. In fact, where I am, in Florida, according to the 1998 Statutes, there is NO LOWER AGE LIMIT, if she is pregnant, whether the groom is the father of the unborn baby or not. The groom, too, may be any age, if he is the father of that unborn child.
Here is what the Statute says:

741.0405 When marriage license may be issued to persons under 18 years.--
(3) When the fact of pregnancy is verified by the written statement of a licensed physician, the county court judge of any county in the state may, in his or her discretion, issue a license to marry:

(a) To any male or female under the age of 18 years upon application of both parties sworn under oath that they are the expectant parents of a child; or

(b) To any female under the age of 18 years and male over the age of 18 years upon the female's application sworn under oath that she is an expectant parent.
(Note that, despite passage of a Florida law several years ago mandating gender-neutral revision of all Statutes, this one still gives more rights to an expectant female than to an expectant male.)

There may be a slight difficulty with the Philippine Government, though: the law I read said that no girl under the age of 18 may marry, and any female under 21 needs a parent's consent (but I believe this age limit was lowered recently - see Act SBN-1074, 8/17/98).
I must say I don't feel much hindered by Philippine laws like that, though. In my own case, I read the law and discovered that I could not marry my 20-year-old fiance without her parent's consent, and that we would have to wait ten days after we filed the papers before we could get married. That was what I was planning for. But 4 hours after I landed in Cebu, I was married. I think my bride bribed a judge, but it might only have been someone in his office, you never know in the Philippines. Anyhow, it cost a little over US$100.00. Later I also discovered that her "cousin" who had signed for her had no legal right to do so, and that was one of the things that the judge had been bribed for, to ignore that irregularity. My bride had not seen fit to inform me that her parents would not consent to her marrying me, and so one week into my Asian adventure I discovered that I was being hunted down by her father and several older brothers. Fortunately, when they caught us they sent someone to get the official copy of the marriage license, and then everything was smiles and I gave Dad a hundred bucks. By the way, everyone likes to conspire to get around the onerous Philippine Government laws to help lovers get together, but don't break any REAL laws while you are there; they really can put you in a real jail.

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I must ask you do women of the Phillipines shave their legs? This is a must for me and I need to know before I go any further than this.

Most do, some don't.
What bothers me is that ALL of them are determined to rip the hairs from their underarms, not by razor but by tweezers. I prefer girls who shave NOTHING. Just plain girl, all natural, nothing added, nothing detracted.
If your question is motivated by a concern with cleanliness, Filipinos are extremely clean. The Philippines is a warm, humid country, with lots of water, so they wash often and spend a lot of time trimming their nails etc.

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I just purchased some Addresses from you and I noticed that some of them do not have Street Numbers, How can I be sure that the letters I send will reach the person that the letter is intended for?

A lot of the addresses in the "provinces" do not have street numbers, but the mail gets there just fine. In fact, even in the big city, sometimes there is no street number. I once wrote to a girl whose address was "back rubber world," which I was hopeful did not refer to a massage parlor. Sure enough, later I saw another girl whose address is "back of rubber world." My wife tells me she has seen this place, a kind of shoe store called Rubber World (waterproof shoes are very popular among Filipinas... okay, I won't lie to you, all shoes are very popular among Filipinas), and some people live behind ("back of") the store.
The biggest cause of misdirected mail in the Philippine postal system is not a lack of street numbers, but the discernible presence of cash or gifts in the envelope.

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I know a man who is writing to approx. 15 different Filipino young women, they range in age from approx. 17 to 24 years old. He has no intention of staying married to them for very long. He plans on having them sign a prenuptial agreement so that he can divorce them and not loose anything.

Well, that won't do much good, it might keep him from losing BIG money if he is rich, but most people find that courts ignore most provisions of pre-nuptials. It's a pity; both men AND women ought to be required to abide by the contracts they enter into.

He says that all he wants is "someone to cook, to clean, and to fuck." He says that he wants to eventually bring over several, because he wants to have several. He invisions having a harem.

Sounds good to me, if he is honest with them about that... and of course he probably will be, since they would be bound to notice eventually, you can't keep something like that a secret for long, they will be asking pointed questions like who are all these other women living in my house?

He wants enough to work in his business and says he can never be happy with only one woman.

Most men are unwilling to be happy with just one woman, but most of those are dishonest and PRETEND that they will be faithful, then they cheat. This guy sounds more honest than those guys, if he is saying these things openly. How did you find out he said these things anyhow, did he tell you openly, did he tell you in confidence, or did you eavesdrop and he is hiding his true nature?

I think he will try to bring them over on work visas and at least one on a fiancee visas.

Well, you don't have to worry about him then, I seriously doubt that he will get Filipinas here on a work visa, unless he owns a substantial company that has holdings both here AND there. The U.S. might let nationals of some countries in on work visas, but they will NOT let a Filipina in; they know she's not going back!!!!

He has a history of abusing women, found guilty of drunk driving twice, has a current restraining order on file from a past girlfriend, accusations of sexual contact with a minor of age 14, arrested for assault with a gun, but found not guilty. How can I warn sites like yours and the Philippine and US government agencies? Will they do any background or FBI checks on him? Will these issues be enough to save innocent girls from this man?

U.S. Government agencies have nothing to do with this, he does not seem to be about to violate any law.... but there are folks like me who will be on the lookout to protect innocent girls. Let me know who he is, and where he is from (in case he uses a fake name), and I will protect my girls from him. That doesn't mean that I will refuse to deal with him; it means that I will make sure that any girls he writes to will be informed of your accusations (which, of course, may be false for all I know, but the girls deserve to be warned).

I am married to (**** *. *****) for 11 years, we shared 2 beautiful children. I am the third wife. I filed for divorce. I was abuse by this man. Now he is looking for another Filipina to marry. Please don't let him bring another Filipina here in the US to be abuse again. He was arrested for physically abuse our eldest son. I know that this is your business and your only after the profit, but please listen to your conscience.

I am not only after the profit - I am very concerned about the welfare of the Filipinas who marry Americans. I believe that the great majority of these unions are beneficial for both the Filipina and the American, but of course there are exceptions. I assure you that I will take your warning seriously, although at this time I must also realize that there may be two sides to this. I cannot take your word alone, so if he were ever to contact me I would listen to his side. Fortunately, he has NOT contacted this service. Yet.

... I already told the Philippines consulate that he is seeking wife thru mail order bride, and they told me that mail order bride is illegal to the Philippines.

Yes, running a business to introduce foreigners to Filipinas who wish to get married certainly is illegal there. Fortunately for Americans and many grateful Filipinas, however, it is not illegal here. The Philippines is the only non-Muslim country in the WHOLE WORLD whose politicians are so arrogant and so heartless that they will not give their citizens the freedom to find happiness in a good marriage to a foreigner.
This is, of course, a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights, written by H.G. Wells and adopted in the United Nations Charter:

  • ARTICLE 16 (1) Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality, or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution.

This was foretold by Paul in I Timothy 4:1-3:
  1. Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
  2. Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;
  3. Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

Not only do the the Philippine laws restrict marriage by Nationality, they also discriminate by Religion - They allow fewer wives to non-Muslims than to Muslims!!!!! This, in effect, forbids already-married non-Muslims to marry, because divorce is forbidden.
Beware! If a politician can tell you how many wives you can have, he can tell you how many children you can have! The U.S. is already well along that road.

The Philippines also has COMPULSORY VOTING!!! (As does Australia)
Some folks just can't get the hang of Freedom, confuse it with Democracy.

I sincerely hope that you have properly explained the potential implications of submitting to a mail-order agency such as this. Judging from the grammar and content of those who have advertised here I think that it is safe to surmise that most are of limited education and are quite naive to the ways of the world.

I think you are right, but I myself am not sure what potential implications there are.
But I think you are using an improper yardstick to judge education. Their English is not perfect, but they communicate far better than those who defiantly choose to confound us with "Ebonics" - and unlike the Ebonistas, they don't argue with you or call you a racist when you correct them.
And just how good is your own Tagalog or Visayan grammar? Remember, English really is their second language. Often their third.
(But I now have found a case of what you seem to be warning about... something to consider.)

It is because of this limited experience on their part that your responsibility greatly increases. I hope that you take the time to properly screen your respondents in order to preserve the safety of those who advertised.

Alas, I do not screen them. But I cannot imagine what "safety" concern prompts such a statement. Do you fear that someone is likely to drive 10,000 miles across the Pacific to date-rape some poor Filipina or to con her out of her life savings? Just what are these dangers? Perhaps it is only my limited imagination that prevents my being as horrified as you.

Let me get this straight, I am all for the search for the one person that will change your life for the better -- but this type of blatant commercialism of the quest may lead to very unfortunate results.

As far as I know, there is only one way to do the kind of commercialization I do. The only alternative is to leave the Filipinas with no opportunity to improve their situation, which I honestly judge to be a greater disservice.
As you can see, I don't see a problem as clearly as you feel you do. And I have no idea how I could do it better.
However, you probably did not know that I definitely intend to do this well, without harm to any Filipina or to any of the men, and I welcome any suggestions you may have as to how I could include some safeguards, if indeed they are called for. I also welcome any thoughts you have on just what these potential hazards may be. (I can't think of any, but I could be mistaken. If so, please educate me.)
You also may not know as much as I do about the many Filipinas who have improved their lives and are very happy that services such as this exist. My own dear wife is a Filipina, and two of my children have Filipina mothers. I would not want harm to come to any of them. I do not believe that being offered an OPPORTUNITY is harmful to anyone. On the contrary, it is lack of opportunity and of options that is most detrimental to human fulfillment. Even though some choices may turn out to be risky ones, overall your life is better if you are able to choose for yourself. This is as true for a Filipina desirous of marriage as it is for a Western entrepreneur.

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Do these ladies speak English?

The short answer is, how do you think they filled out the forms for our listings?
But seriously folks, some of them might have had help filling them out.
Most Filipinas speak English. Certainly almost all of the ones seeking foreign husbands do. English is the Official National Language of the Philippines. But like most things Philippine, this is negotiable and depends on whom you ask. Tagalog is also the National Language. So is Pilipino, which is pretty much Tagalog anyhow. Far more Filipinos speak Visayan than speak Tagalog or any other native language, but Visayan is not a National Language (the traditional ruling classes were from the Manila and Luzon area, where Tagalog is spoken). What's more, some books claim that Spanish is also an Official Language, although you will never hear a Filipina speaking Spanish (despite the fact that the Philippines was a Spanish colony for 300 years! Incidentally and irrelevantly, for some reason the Spin Masters these days choose to pretend that the English in the New World were "settlers" rather than colonists - see Pocahontas.). There are a LOT of Spanish and Spanish-derived words in most of the Philippine dialects, but I have yet to meet a Filipina who realized that she was using Spanish words. The Spanish words are mostly those for which the Filipinos had no words before the Spanish masters arrived... words like trabaho (trabajo) = work, relos (reloj) = clock, mesa = wooden table, tenedór = fork, kutsara (cuchara) = spoon, kumustá (como está) = how are you?, palisa (paliza) = beating with a cane, and the days of the week, and the months of the year. And, well, just about every word beginning with the letter "R".
They do of course have native words for numbers, which they often use for counting, but when they tell you the time, or speak of money, they use the Spanish numbers. When you find a way to anger a Filipina, or she decides to start giving you explicit orders (don't worry, this is not often), she is likely to start trilling her R's, like a Spanish speaker. I suspect this is also an unconscious holdover from the Spanish occupation, since this kind of pronunciation is not supposed to be a part of their language - at least not Visayan or Tagalog.
There are also incredible peculiarities in their spelling, probably because of the mix of dialects and Spanish... for example, the Official Language (Tagalog) does not contain the letter "C" - but their oldest city is named Cebu City! Admittedly, this city is in the Visayas, and Visayan does have a letter "C"... but Quezon City is in Metro Manila - smack in the middle of the area where Tagalog is spoken - and Tagalog has neither a "C", nor a "Q", nor a "Z"!!! (Tagalog also lacks an "F", and a "J", and a "V", and an "X" - the "P" doubles as the "F" sound, and "KS" is the "X" sound, and they simply do without a "J" sound and a "V" sound. They also do without a "Z" sound; and although the Visayans have a letter "Z", they pronounce it like an "S" - but when they are pronouncing the "Z" as the name of a letter of the alphabet, they pronounce it exactly the same way we pronounce the letter "G"!!! This was frightening to me the first time I heard it - my new bride of one week was taking an eye exam!) None of this seems to perplex the Filipinos. As Whitman would say: they are large, they contain multitudes.
When they threw off the Spanish yoke a hundred years ago (with the help of the Americans, who promptly fitted their own, more attractive yoke), the Filipinos went straight from the Convent to Hollywood without a backward glance.
It is easy to find English-language newspapers in the Philippines. Reading these is truly hilarious: they will sometimes switch, in the middle of a sentence, to Visayan (or Tagalog, or whatever the local dialect is), go on in that vein for several paragraphs, and then switch back to English in the middle of another sentence!
Local dialects are usually spoken at home, but English is taught and used in the High Schools, so speaking English often marks one as more highly educated. (BTW, this beats heck out of many American schools these days: if an American school administrator discovers that your parents speak some kind of Creole, they teach you in Creole, so you graduate totally unable to function in an English-speaking world. The Filipina high school graduate, on the other hand, can understand and speak passable English. The ability to speak English is important throughout the world these days, not just in America. English is the new "Lingua Franca" - in fact, when a French airline pilot talks to a Iraqi control tower, he speaks ENGLISH. Nowhere else do the French tolerate other languages - even in Quebec, which is arguably in America.)
I once read about a Philippine radio talk show in which a caller scolded the panel for using Tagalog intermixed with the "more cultured" English. No one on the panel discussed the caller's comments - but the remainder of the show was conducted entirely in Tagalog!

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Just how much does it cost, altogether, to get a bride this way?

$3,347.95 (U.S. Dollars). Plus tip.
(A lot less than it cost you to get rid of the Wicked Witch of the West, in your last divorce)
But that includes the airfare, hotel, Visa application, etc.
The part you pay us is only $4.00 per address. ($2.00 for the older addresses)
The first step, your own trip to meet her, can cost under $2000.00 (depending on where you intend to go). Here is a tour service that will take care of the hotel, airfare, etc:


(They specialize in the Cebu area, which is surely where the friendliest, most pleasant girls come from. Tell them World Class Service sent you, so I get my kickback.)

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I'm interested in getting married, but unsure bout the women do they want to get married just to get out or are they sincere, or do they just want to get married for citizenship. I dont want to marry then after she recieves her citizenship from me, then she would file for divorce. I'm looking to settle down and start a family.

99% of them want to settle down and start a family with a good man. They think (rightly or wrongly) that they have a better chance of finding a good husband in the West, which to them usually means America, since they definitely prefer an English-speaking foreign husband, because (almost always) English is the only foreign language they know.
If one of them did want to dump you after getting here, she wouldn't have to wait until she got citizenship. The latest (1991) rules say that she can dump you right away, as soon as she is married and is in the U.S. The only way she can be deported now is if it is proven that she never intended to settle down with you. The instructions for filling out one of the forms do say that both of you absolutely must fill out and sign a special follow-up form after she has been here 2 years, or else she can be deported. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THAT FORM'S INSTRUCTIONS! She cannot be deported, despite what that form says, no matter whether the follow-up form is sent in or not!! There is another rule which makes those instructions a complete lie!!! In the old days, it made a difference which one of you filed for a divorce. Now it does not matter at all, she stays regardless.
Now, if you watch TV, or read the papers, you will be sure that I am wrong about this. As recently as July, 2000, I saw a TV documentary which stated that a foreign wife could be deported if the husband did not fill out that "two-year" form, or if he divorced her, or if she divorced him. I tell you plainly and true, they are wrong. I have seen the head of the Tampa branch of the INS come into court (in 1992) with an INS lawyer and state that this rule is no longer valid. That's a long time ago, and still the myth persists.

So at least if she does divorce you right away you won't have invested much time in her. Good riddance, you've saved a bullet, and it's easy just to go get a better one next time. In fact, we'll even give you 100 FREE addresses if you show us evidence that one of our brides ever divorced you as soon as she got here (unless you mistreated her), and we will report what we find out on these pages. As far as we know, this hasn't happened yet with one of our brides. We'll keep you informed.

Is there anyway to make sure a Filipinia lady is not using an American man to become a citizen? Any questions i can ask to insure that it is true love and not a scam. can I ask her to sign a preneuptial agreement to safeguard against her taking divorcing me and taking my money, after shortly after she gets to America.

(To answer most of this, see the preceding answer.)

There ought to be no problem getting a prenuptial (or as the solicitors foppishly call it, "antenuptial") agreement signed. I would be suspicious of anyone who would not sign one. But a prenuptial probably isn't necessary to protect against what you describe, because such a short marriage will probably be clearly fraudulent to the judge, and in any case the settlement is more or less "pro-rated" according to the length of the marriage (although of course they don't call it that). On the other hand, you can't trust the U.S. legal system or the judges here, especially when it comes to male vs. female issues, so get that prenuptial just in case.

Unfortunately, there are no questions to ask to insure it's not a scam; con persons are very good at answering all your questions and soothing all your doubts. Contracts and prenuptials are the best defense against scoundrels.

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How do I call the Philippines? Do I dial 001 first then area code and number? Please help soon as possible.

You can dial DIRECT, without paying for an operator, by dialing 011, plus the COUNTRY CODE (which is 63), plus the CITY CODE, plus the 7-digit phone number. The part you have to find out is the CITY CODE. Strangely, this is sometimes ONE digit and sometimes TWO digits.
The CITY CODE for Manila is 2.
The CITY CODE for Cebu City is 32.
The CITY CODE for Koronadal, South Cotabato, is 83.
(One of the addresses you received seemed to have a City Code of "0918", I think, for an address in Koronadal. This is an exceptional case... one of the other girls has a similar number, and she says it is a "SuperCel" number. Cellular, I'd guess.)

So, for example, to dial 999-9999 in Koronadal, you would enter:


For Manila, you would dial 011-63-2-999-9999.
For Cebu City, you would dial 011-63-32-999-9999.

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It is quite disturbing how in the expectations portions of these women, they mention that they are looking for pen friends. Yet, they are advertised as mail to order brides? This is truly alarming. Do they know that their pictures are advertised as mail to order brides? Would appreciate your response on this.

You are just too easily disturbed. Please read the bottom part of our "Info" Web page.
Each of these girls has submitted a form that says plainly that she wants to marry as a result of filling out the form.

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