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Books about Marriage and the Philippines

Did I hear you say that there must be a catch? NOPE, THERE IS NO CATCH! You do not have to decode these FREE addresses - they are visible RIGHT NOW!
These are from our older listings (no, that doesn't mean that the girls are older than the ones for whose addresses we charge, it's just that the listings have been on here for a long LONG time, some of them for several years). Please note: when you get your FREE bride address and bio-data, she may now be two, three, or even four years older than what the bio-data claims - depending on how long she has languished here awaiting the attentions of a suitable suitor. The upside of this is that she is probably interested in an older mate by now - and more desperate, if she is still available at all.

A note from the management of World Class Service

If you are ready to settle down with a good woman, you can't do better than a Filipina. Write to her, tell her where you saw her letter, and let her know what you expect of a marriage. You deserve a good mate... and so does she.

A suggestion: The Philippines is a poor country, and the cost of living is low (which is one reason I intend to retire there), but postage is about the same as here - the equivalent of 60 cents for a letter. So, if you can, enclose a dollar bill in your letter, tell her it is to cover the postage if she writes back. Whether you send the money or not, do write to her, though.

And no, I'm not getting a kickback on these dollars, it is just the way I did it when I wrote to the Philippines, and it worked great for me. My profit comes when I get all the pictures and descriptions on the Web; then I charge for the addresses. But these are on the house.

-- Larry Pendarvis

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