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How to Order

First browse the Catalogs and decide which addresses you want.
To receive the full name and address of any of these girls, order by the ID Number.
Phone numbers, when available, will be included.
There are now three ways to order:

  1. By mail (VISA-M/C, cash, check, or money order) Order Worksheet
    World Class Service, P.O. Box 1621, Brandon, FL 33509-1621

  2. By FAX (VISA-M/C) Order Worksheet
    (813) 681-2008

  3. Instant Orders by Credit Card on Secure Server on a secure server

You can save the Processing/Handling/Shipping Fee of $5.00 per order if you use the Instant Order method. Make sure the following 3 things are true if you choose this method:
  1. Your Web Browser supports Secure Connections (and of course it does!); AND
  2. You are going to pay by Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard); AND
  3. You want the addresses displayed directly on your screen (and also delivered by E-Mail, if you include your E-Mail address).

Girls from all catalogs: US$4.00 each
FAX and MAIL orders:
Add up the prices, and then add $5.00 for Processing Fee. There is no minimum order amount.
Note: no processing fee will be charged if you use the Instant Order option, which sends you the addresses INSTANTLY by E-Mail.

If your order totals over $60.00, you will automatically be given the "Quantity Discount" rate (see below).

Send cash, check, or money order to:

Binary Systems
P.O. Box 1621
Brandon, FL 33509-1621

Make check or money order (US funds) payable to WORLD CLASS SERVICE
If you are ordering by credit card, please include your card number, expiration date, the name on the credit card, and the CORRECT ADDRESS where your credit card is billed. And sign your order.
This information, including the signature, may be FAXed to (813) 681-2008, or mailed to the above address.

(We will send the addresses by E-Mail or FAX upon request.)

You can enter your order into a WorkSheet here:
Order Worksheet
It will calculate your total order, and you can print it out and either Mail or FAX it in.

If you order fewer than 40 addresses, and your order totals to more than $60.00, your total cost will be only $60.00. In other words, you may now order up to 40 addresses for only $60.00, including the Processing Fee.
The price for 40 or more addresses (your choice) is now $1.50 each. This Quantity Discount rate includes the Processing Fee.

You may also order a block of 100 names & addresses for $75.00 (this price includes the processing fee).
This block must be a range of ID Numbers, specified by a single starting ID Number; for example, you can specify that the range will start with ID #H003, or #1B01, etc.
You may even specify a recent ID Number, if you prefer, even if some of the girls in your selected range are not available yet. In this case, we will send you immediately the ones which are available, and continue to send you names & addresses as they come in, until the entire range has been sent. Note: no refund for returned mail, on quantity-discount orders.